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Finding the perfect siding contractors in Dallas, TX can be a daunting process. Between varied costs, you’re presented with a few different options for vinyl siding as new options make it increasingly simple to overlay vinyl siding with a multitude of textures. The primary advantage of vinyl siding is that it requires little or no ongoing maintenance, but another advantage is that it can be manufactured to mimic other materials. You can choose vinyl that looks cedar-shake shingles or historic wood clapboard.

There are a few disadvantage to vinyl siding. It does not fit tightly against the house, creating a situation where moisture and insects can sneak behind the siding and cause problems. It will also fade over time, leaving you with limited options for correcting the color. Freezing temperatures can make vinyl brittle, leaving it susceptible to damage.

Should you opt to go for the vinyl siding option, one of our professional installers will remove the old siding and install insulation board before the vinyl is put in place. Vinyl siding will expand and contract, so it should hang loosely on the wall sheathing. Look for the siding panels to fit snugly against each other with a quarter-inch gap at both ends.

Another option we see our customers use is aluminum siding. If selected, one of our installers will spend time preparing the wall surface, making it as smooth and clean as possible. A 3/8th inch backing should be installed under the metal. The sheets should be overlapped by at least two inches, and corner caps should be used after the sheets are installed.

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